Suffering Is The Residue Of Our Past

We carry around a heavy load of karma (a reactionary attitude) which creates our present understanding and behaviour. That load is but a sticky residue from our past, and if we do not notice our karmic reactions when the ‘right’ trigger occurs, we merely rekindle that karma, and off we go … !!!

If, however, we see this reaction about to take place and drop it, we are free. The more we become familiar with this process, the more the residue lessens and we feel lighter. Once free of all karmic reactions, that is enlightenment. 

Enlightening our load lets the past go. We don’t forget the past, but its effects loosen. The chain reaction stops. Whatever we feel about the past, it has got us here, right now, so that is something to be grateful for. Until final enlightenment, we will feel the effects of karma. And yes, it is challenging!

Our body and mind have changed much since we were born, but conscious being has always remained the same purity. 

We can stop the past running into the future … now.

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