We Already Know Everything

We all know everything we need to know – and that is knowingness itself. Knowingness is just another name for conscious awareness, the essence of which is unsullied.

When we realise that this unsullied consciousness is the source of everything there is to be known, anything created for our enjoyment becomes an occupying force. Thoughts are not a permanent fixture: they are fashioned within a culture, and we become bewitched, fascinated and spellbound. Creations have no reality of their own: the creator spellbinds us.

Fascinated: late 16th century (in the sense ‘bewitch’): from Latin fascinat- ‘bewitched’, from the verb fascinare, from fascinum ‘spell, witchcraft’. A snake deprives prey of the ability to resist or escape by the power of a gaze.

Apart from the essentials of life, we only need time and space to reflect and realise our true nature rather than being bound by the occult – that which seems hidden. The happiness we seek is hidden from us; the essence of consciousness, our own essence of unsullied clarity.

Running around complaining about the spells that we are under is pointless. It only gives rise to more running around. We are free when we see, and the mystery drops away. A residue is still left in the mind and we can either rekindle this to maintain future confusion, or just accept that residue, and it will clear itself.

When we do not know, we are totally distracted.
When we know, we are never distracted.

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