We Are The Occult

There is no mystery.

Occult: hidden, concealed, covered over. Only communicated to the initiated; esoteric.

An illusory self image hides (occults) our true nature in plain sight. Plain sight is pure consciousness; it’s what we originally are. 

We see, but we do not see that we see.

Our true nature – pure consciousness – is covered by fixations and so stays hidden. This is the illusion, as it is that which sees the fixations and makes us feel uncomfortable 🙂 . It is thus in plain sight, and is precisely how we are deluded.

We believe in mysteries because we like to believe in the mysteries we are told by the unenlightened, the uninitiated, the exoteric. The inmates of this world are blind to reality.

Exoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by the general public
Inmate: late 16th century denoting a person who shared a house…(a culture or world :D)

We – a deluded manifestation – live in a collective occult world of ignorance.
The cleverer we get, the more the occult is a mystery, 
and the more hocus-pocus goes on.

Hocus-pocus: talk used by magicians to bring about change.

Occult is only supernatural because 
‘hidden’ consciousness is beyond physical nature.

This is esoteric realisation.

Esoteric: Inner knowledge known by the few = wisdom realised by the few.

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