Realisation Isn’t Belief, Trust Or Confidence

Belief / trust / confidence is a trick played by the ego-devil 
turning consciousness away from actual now experience.

Clinging to belief or trust or confidence
subtly brings us down into reifying experience.
The ‘devil’ is merely ego claiming experience.

We are only free when we realise we are already free,
rather than merely thinking we have to be free,
which is the confidence trick of mindfulness.

Escape before it’s too late!

We may wish to inspire confidence
but that is a deception:
we must go one step beyond.

In the Nyingma Buddhist tradition, there are eight levels of consciousness + one. Five are of the senses and three are of mind + one. The three of mind are perception, judgement and memory. We perceive (6th consciousness) through the senses, and that impression goes up to memory first (8th consciousness), and then down to judgement (7th consciousness) – and we manifest a reaction. Memory is the storehouse of information where karma is held; it is ego’s resource. In this way, we skid through experience and miss the vital point.

When we meditate, we are aware of sitting, of being aware, of being conscious. This is the eighth consciousness because we are relating via memory, which is a duality. 

When we let go of the dualistic memories (that we are so proud of), we realise the ninth level of pure consciousness. In the Nyingma tradition, this is called Rigpa, or non-duality. Other traditions have other names, but it all comes down to “not two”: awareness without doubts.

It is now that we come to the display of genuine uniqueness, where direct confidence manifests. With realisation, change takes place, and there is no going back.

Realisation is the absence of doubt.

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