What Is The Use Of Spiritual Practice?”

The point of spiritual practice is to reduce suffering in the world.
When suffering is reduced, happiness is increased.
It’s that simple.

The problem is that
we are too excitable.

“So what do we do?”
We sit and do absolutely nothing, focusing and taming the mind.
That ends suffering …it’s gone!

But our pattern of behaviour starts up again.
“What about all the suffering in the world?
We can’t just do nothing.”

We start by understanding the cause of our own suffering.
I am the problem.
We are the problem.
It’s that simple.

Compassionate understanding heals the world.
“But I want change now!”
It’s not that simple.

Bringing a total end to our own suffering takes time and practice.
Enlightened beings took time to realise the true nature common to all
in order to heal the world.
They left teachings for us to do the same.

Heal thy self. Heal our world. Heal the world.
It’s that simple.

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