In Praise Of Reincarnation

Two views:
Does such an idea do harm or is it of benefit?

For most of us, reincarnation is a belief and isn’t worth considering, so we do whatever we want, with no long term feeling of consequences to our actions.

For some of us, reincarnation is a belief and is worth considering, so we don’t do whatever we want, because there are long term consequences to our actions.

It’s our choice how we live, and die.
There isn’t anything to argue about.

In praise of reincarnation, we never give up. Whatever is learnt in this incarnation, some quality may carry over to the next, with the hope of refining understanding. It is as one moment is to the next; a continuity of intention which can either be of benefit or harm. That’s how karma works.

We are born with certain tendencies, which have nothing to do with our family, being drawn to certain topics or words that others aren’t interested in. Of course, we are influenced by whatever is around us in life – but we still see things differently.

On a personal note, I have attended many retreats and teachings with, on average, 120 other people, and found that I don’t see it the same way, or react in the same way. They aren’t wrong – and I’m not wrong; we just experience the situation differently. To some, the teaching may be satisfying, while to others it isn’t complete. 

Why is that?
Good question.

There are many levels of understanding of the same words, with different meaning depending on personal experience. It is the experience of the words that is more important than the words. 

Don’t take my word for it.

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  1. Wind says:

    All roads lead to Rome… Or back to home! Said the prodigal son. 😉

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