Anxiety: concern that something might happen.

All we need to do is be aware, cautious and prepared.
In the moment now, there is no anxiety.
We just see.

Being without agenda (things to do) means consciousness is clear and pure; therefore, when we rest without agenda, we are pure consciousness – our original reality. This is the essence of mind, the essence of being which is clear intelligent space, but the mind has been invaded by distracting thoughts that obscure this pure consciousness, and so it becomes ordinary consciousness with worldly woes. 

We (pure consciousness), being ignorant of our true reality, believe thoughts to be our reality, to be us. We create a self-image, and this affects our behaviour, our reactions and our lives when, in fact, this self-image is a temporary phenomenon – we can change our mind! 😀

All the while, pure consciousness, pure essence, remains the unchanging spirit of awareness.

Throughout history, consciousness had been bombarded with ideas, gossip and rumour, and has become distracted, fearful and anxious. It’s a control thing that has been used against humanity for millennia, where promises are projected to lure us into a false reality, and then turned against us. 

“This is good” … “Now it’s bad!” 
“This bad” … “Now it’s good!”
Just watch the sequence of event in the ‘news’.

We need insight, and to make use of intuition. Anxiety manufactures our future, which affects our present moment. Humans are brought up to fear, as opposed to just being cautious. All we have to do is be aware, rather than go along with crowd-fear. 

It’s vital that we see for ourselves and trust that, but this seeing should be without any agenda other than seeking absolute truth.

The Buddha’s first noble truth is for us to realise and admit that we suffer, or are dissatisfied, depressed or angry; then, we can do something about it. We all have a good heart, and that heart is the essence of consciousness and the source of wisdom.

Most of us are of the mind only; we all have a good heart, but it is clouded by sentimentality. We don’t have to be clever to realise our true nature; being knowledgable doesn’t necessarily make us kind people. We just have to see, and trust that seeing rather than our reactions, which are just the outcome of habitual programming. 

All questions that come up in our mind are relevant 
as they are the means to clear away all doubts.

Those question can then be put under the microscope
– as long as the lens isn’t dirty!

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