Breaking The Human Code

The code that binds us.

The continuity code carries a set of ideas about our self and our sort of world from one moment to the next; it’s the mind genome. Whether we know it or not, we all live by some sort of code, and will do so until enlightenment. This code could be a positive one, joining the dots in different ways to see how the code suits any given situation, or negative in the form of unconscious habitual patterning.

Once we decipher that code (which is our programme), we see its true purpose. Everything comes in two parts, like a lock and a key, and we can either open a door, or keep it locked.

The basic human code for survival is desire, aversion and indifference; in animal terms, this is fight, flight or freeze. We can be attracted or repulsed to things and people, or we can ignore them. This is the code of self survival.

For the word ‘code’, we could use ‘agenda’ or ‘bias’. We all acquire agendas – this blog has an agenda of recognising our absolute truth, and the spread of deceit.

How do we break this human-animal code?

The code is all about me and mine. We are constantly either looking for or maintaining something. Our mind projects into the future or the past, and is rarely in the now. It is the now of spontaneous presence that breaks this coding, and the door of our mind unlocks. ‘Now’ is the key! Now, we have a choice.

In the very moment of now, when something is seen, there is a instant of natural, absolute clarity. This is the presence of pure consciousness – our original nature. Before the code starts to work on us, there is pure seeing without agenda, as if we have just woken up. It’s quite ordinary until we realise its true worth, and then it becomes extraordinary. We are free of the code in the moment of seeing.

When the door is open, we see exactly where we are!
The trick is to keep the door open,
rather than closing it for ‘safety’ and retreating into the code.

We are pure spirit; codeless.

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