Why Do We Want More And More Dharma?

Dharma is the teaching about our own true nature of just seeing. When we just see, we are free. 

We simply have to see that we see, and rest there. Resting in just seeing, the idea of self disappears and that which is left is pure consciousness. The physical universe is a play of constantly changing, impermanent phenomena, so its apparent reality is an illusion.

The more we fill our heads with teachings, the more likely it is that we will doubt our own sanity and stay confused and needy, wanting yet more teachings because we think we don’t know enough. 

The teachings aren’t about know more; they are about knowingness itself. 

Meditation isn’t some hocus pocus to trick our minds, or to hold a physical pose. It is looking, seeing and dropping the meditation into just seeing, just being. We can do this anytime, anywhere.

All teaching is a reminder, but this can become the maintenance of an indigenous culture. The Dharma is held within us already, while adhering to a culture is an additional personal choice. We can learn from untainted indigenous people, but we don’t have to become like them as, at heart, we are untainted indigenous people too.

From early schooling, humans are screened into some sort of conformity which indicates how much we want to belong; this is the carrot for our ascent of the social ladder and it is this that adds the taint. We run around wanting to know more, and as long as we do this, we will never know. This running around after information is believing the phantoms on Plato’s cave wall.

We know everything that we need to know because we are knowingness itself. This is a totally different way of looking at life; we can step off the world stage and just be the ‘audience’.

Pure consciousness doesn’t get better as we practise as it’s always present.
It only becomes more obvious.

All media is but a distraction,
like Plato’s shadow images on the cave wall of the mind.

We note that we are addicted to certain media/teachings,
and as these are never complete, so we stay addicted.

They are complete when we test them for ourselves.
That is the completion stage – and we no longer need the media.

Media: mass communication = exoteric.
Completion stage: realisation = esoteric.

*The completion stage is the end of a practice where we drop or rest into pure consciousness.

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