Awakening Spirituality

Why is this important?
It releases us from the materialistic, worried mind.

Spirituality is not a cover-up.
Awakening is the clarity of consciousness,
whereas religion binds us.
We can be bound to anything.

Spiritual awakening is freeing consciousness of fixations,
thereby realising pure consciousness
– what we truly are.

There is no mystery about this.
Mystery is for the materialistic.

Ordinarily, consciousness binds itself to me and mine,
and to fantasies, sentimentalities and politics.
Extreme Mara has no boundaries
– it’s all ‘mine’!

Now for the real shock
(we need a shock to wake us up,
otherwise we’ll continue to dream small dreams).
We have always been spiritually awake – enlightened –
but we are too busy to notice.

This is the reason to be cheerful!

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