Laugh In The Face Of Your Devil

Laughing at the things that are getting you down – your pet likes and dislikes – is freeing. In the moment now, our immediate fancies do not bind us. Problems for us and those around us arise when our demons rule our life.

These demons are just a residue from past experiences; they are little trauma that get under our skin. Just smile when this ‘I’ goes into its old routine, and say, “You’re not getting to me this time! ‘i’ give you no power.” This doesn’t mean that whatever bugs us goes away, but now it’s not all-consuming, and doesn’t get us down.

When playing a board game, we are not trying to be competitive in order to beat others and show how much better we are than them. Rather, we just play the hand we are dealt. This is how we can play games and remain conscious beings, in the same way as we can in daily activities. Others’ devils will do what they want 😀

This is actually the superior position to be in – and if the opponent is also doing this, it becomes a very interesting and smiley game. Of course, there are some who are out to get you, but that’s just their devil wanting to dominate a situation.

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

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