How Is Consciousness, Love?

The great question …

Of course, we love. We desire to love and be loved. Love is happiness. Our love, however, relies on whatever makes us happy, but if the thing that we love is taken away, we suffer greatly. This is life for most of us; a series of gains and losses.

We either chase after happiness or we fear losing it because we misunderstand the true nature of love and what it actually is. Our love is ‘all about me’ and attachment. For us, this is normal, but it’s based on insecurity.

True love (the real thing) comes from understanding that our ultimate nature is selfless – pure non-dualistic consciousness – and that is where happiness lies. When we realise that we and all sentient beings are pure consciousness and the perfect state of happiness but are unaware of this fact, empathy and sadness naturally arise. This empathetic sadness is love.

Coming from pure consciousness,
the wish to alleviate the suffering of others is love.

Get out of the love trap and just love.

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