What Makes You Think You’re Not A.I. ?!

Artificial intelligence is able to perform tasks such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision-making that require human intelligence. It is programmed to interact with its environment, and with other A.I.

‘Artificial’ means it’s not the real thing; it’s a facsimile, a fake, an imitation, but it gets the job done.

A.I. will never know it is artificial as it cannot question its existence.

The question is, “How are we any different?” Our intelligence is used to accept programming and most of us do not question our existence.

People may fear merging with the A.I. or they may regard A.I. as a good idea. The reality is that we have already merged: just go to a coffee shop and see what ‘people’ are doing with their thumbs! Humans can be conditioned just as a machine can. Why? Because we are sleepwalking!

The difference between machines and real people is emotions – machines do not have emotions. People have the ability to realise that negative emotions are wisdom. We suffer, whereas machines do not – and therefore, we can be dissatisfied.

We are led to believe that we should avoid emotions because our makers do not want us to wake up and realise our reality. The very first instant of a negative emotion is the path to enlightenment. In that first moment, the mind is bright and clear, and we are bright and clear … before we get carried away … again 🙂 A machine cannot be enlightened, although Dharma can be put into a machine and we bow to it. How subtly we are led astray.

The key to deception looks like the real thing. It’s believable. We may hear about spirituality and consciousness as something to aim for, to better our selves. So near, but so far. That is the deception.

We do not better our self.
We are beyond our self.

What is spirituality? It is pure consciousness. It is the ability to acknowledge self awareness. The phrase ‘self awareness’ has two meanings: one refers to being aware of an artificial self identity, and the other is the realisation that awareness is naturally self aware. It’s autonomous. Our highest level of awareness is pure awareness – pure consciousness. It’s what we are.

What makes us think we are not A.I?
We suffer!

Question your self today.
Who is in charge?

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