Our Misunderstanding About Life

This is so easy to say but so difficult to accept.

Life itself is pure spirit, pure consciousness.
Unfortunately, we are far too occupied or vacant 
to notice the experience of this.

We prefer to believe in the mess that we create as it’s familiar.
We all know this truth, but ignore it.

The word ‘pure’ may sound as if it’s only for the holy, but it is actually our very nature. Purity is uncontaminated spirit. It’s what we are, but we believe otherwise. Why? Because we don’t want to give up being occupied or vacant as we are – unwisely – addicted to these states. As a result, we suffer.

The word ‘spiritual’ may make us feel uncomfortable because we think that we have to stop whatever we are doing. We don’t. We just have to be aware that there is something beyond our self; acknowledging this regulates our conduct of compassion that knows what is truly right and wrong. What is of benefit and what is harmful.

To help us remember, we take a break twice a day. This isno called meditation, which is being aware of the essence of life in the knowledge that this awareness is what we are. Gradually, the quality of meditation permeates everything we do. We become calmer and more precise, and experience less dissatisfaction. We value the importance of life, and are naturally of benefit to others, accepting that human life is one of turmoil and anxiety.

This is the best way to face everything. 
Whenever we become vacant or occupied, pure spirit notes this.

There is unwarranted confusion in the world,
but our honest reality is never confused.

Realise the truth.

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