Finding The Language That Suits The Experience

Various spiritual traditions use language differently,
making teachings seem incompatible.
They are not.

Language isn’t reality. Language is limited, and therefore the vocabulary we use to explain experience is limited. We all find it difficult to express our intangible feelings, and we sometimes need empathetic help to explain how we feel: prayer is like that, when we open up to unexpected consequences.

If we stick rigidly to words, we limit experience. Words that are used too often become redundant and turn the mind away from subtle understanding, and back to gross understanding.

Our choice of words will depend on the situation. We may find words and their meaning difficult to understand – they can either sound too clever or nonsensical. This is how teachings become self secret, as they have to be heard or read at the ‘right’ time, when we are on the verge. Through through the channel of quiet confidence, truth emerges; there is a feeling of something being ignited/enlightened … you know what I mean 🙂

True communication: apart from meeting someone who is on the verge (at an extreme limit where something specific is about to happen), there’s not much we can say. The ‘verge’ could be said to be crazy wisdom, where we give up and something unusual happens – eureka!

We may drip-feed words into conversations to see if they’re picked up. Actually, life itself is like that! Something significant happens and we wonder, “Where on earth did that come from?”

It always happens now.

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