Don’t Become ‘Spiritual’

It’s the quickest way to being the devil’s disciple 😀

We turn into experts who lack empathy.

To become ‘spiritual’ is to deny that we are already – empathetic spirits.
We moved away from empathy
when we separated from others and became solids!

Acting in a ‘spiritual’ way is exactly that: it’s acting, and it’s self deception – and it shows.

Beautiful art forms, unfortunately, confuse understanding by obscuring or reversing reality into sentimentality. Spirituality isn’t about beautiful beings floating in the sky; it’s down-to-earth, dealing with raw emotions.

Every sentient beings (even demons) is spiritual in essence, because they are pure consciousness – whether they know this or not. We are all pure spirit/pure intelligence; we are kind and compassionate, without any need for self importance.

Something changed.
We became, instead of just being.

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