‘Conspiracy’ Means ‘Secret Plan’

What do you think esoteric knowledge is?
It is knowledge intended for the few;
knowledge for the many is exoteric.

Some secrets are there to protect us from misusing knowledge,
while other secrets are kept with an intention to deceive.

We all know about hiding our real intentions, don’t we?
(even if it is to please)

If we think there are no secret plans, we are deluded. Authorities and corporations – and even Tibetan Buddhism – all have secrets that are meant only for the inner circle. Evidence from the past that shows that this goes on makes us suspicious about secrets and mysteries. It’s only natural.

When people call others ‘conspiracy theorists’, they are merely deflecting their own ignorance. Children speculate about sex; adults speculate about God; disciples speculate about their teacher. It’s only natural – or it should be. πŸ™‚

When these ‘secrets’ finally come to light, it’s too late as they are part of our life. The good news is that realisation is like this!

At the bottom of the scale, mass electronic surveillance is also like that. Those who want their secrets (their true intentions) to remain hidden create confusion and chaos, allowing absurd theories to infect all speculation. As long as we think there are mysteries, we will doubt our common sense, preferring to rely on whatever we have been told.

Why has our true reality has been kept from us?
Because, when we know the truth, we no longer rely on beliefs.

There is nothing as amazing as realisation
that results in pure happiness.









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