That’s What They Call God

An exoteric fantasy to believe in.
A reactionary rebellion against this fantasy that doesn’t exist.
A philosophical debate of there is, and there isn’t.
The esoteric reality.

This is our journey,
from gross misunderstanding to extremely subtle realisation.

It all depends on what we see as the essence of reality.
And all the media can do is ban nipples … 😀

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  1. No wonder certain people think it is a fantasy, certainly when they look at those Christians who claim that Jesus would be God, which is in contradiction with the Bible, the Book of books many of them also claim to follow, but do not know.

    For those who get to know the Holy Scriptures, and are willing to listen to those words and look at the world, they shall come to understand that Word of God and see how God, the divine Creator of everything is a reality, the same as His prophets (like Mozes, Abraham, Isaiah and Jesus e.g.) are.

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