The Truth Is Staring Us In The Face

We don’t have to learn Sanskrit, Pali, Greek, Hebrew or Tibetan; we just see for ourself. The truth is never in the words. It is the pure perception of consciousness that is the truth, for that is what we are. The true essence of that consciousness is clarity. That is the truth – that is what we are.

Everything that appears in the mind reflects the presence of pure consciousness. It’s that simple and uncomplicated, and needs no elaborations or commentaries. It’s staring us in the face.

Wanting only formalised teachings,
we will never experience the essence of the teachings.

The essence is that which
hears, sees, tastes, smells, feels and purely perceives,
without judgement or reliance on memories.

We go to teaching after teaching looking for the truth, asking where our donkey is until it’s pointed out that we are already riding the donkey. Appreciate that. Go away, and live a good life.

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