Meditation Breaks The Spell

Meditation breaks the spell of concepts
– hope/desire, fear/aversion, indifference/ignorance –
under which we live.
In meditation, we clearly see them and, in seeing, we are freed.

It only takes a moment.

The more we become familiar with this,
the more the moments join up.

Short moments, many times.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tony
    Meditation even breaks other kinds of spells too. (suspect you already know that)
    It is an incredibly simple complete tool for realizing many facets of reality/existence.
    It triggers a never ending process which enables us to break free.
    Kind regards

    • tony says:

      Triggering a never ending process sounds right. Perception just keeps opening up.

      We recognise that the mind perceives brands
      before consciousness is aware of it. It’s sort of subliminal creepy feeling.

      And then there are these subliminal inspirations.

      Kind regards,

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