Spiritual Infantilising

Infantilise: to treat people like children which denies their maturity in age or experience.

Spiritually, this is something we all go through, by just following the others. We, as students or disciples, turn into children when confronted by a guru and the subculture – especially a guru from a different culture wearing robes. It’s very exotic and enticing. The guru becomes our parent who tells us what to do, and we giggle at everything they say … “Tell me the story again!”

We learn to doubt ourselves, when we should be getting to know ourselves. Becoming reliant, devotional and addicted, we ignore the ‘nappy rash of irritation’ that comes from conforming and showing devotion in an excessive way. Been there, done that … and there is a subtle, underlying fear.

We may get a smile from the guru, which gratifies our infantile disposition and maintains the symbolic-adoration-glue of being humble … and safe … while not noticing the building of self-importance and inflated exhibitionism that actually erodes our ability to empathise with others.

Oops! Was that too much?!

It’s difficult to feel safe in this crazy world that holds our hand and fosters the ‘me’ and ‘mine’ feeling. The world is actually a spiritual battleground disguised as a place to better ourself – to be better than others.

We are taught to be afraid of anything that is not of our ‘faith’, and are unable to empathise with others’ backgrounds as we grow terrified of everything outside this closed, religious subculture.

Being unable to deal with others’ views, we choose to shun them for safety. This happens all the time, in both subtle and gross ways: when that stops, we will have an enlightened world (but don’t hold your breath … 😉 ).

Our inner childishness is our karmic teacher.

“Our father (or mother) who art in heaven…”
– that supreme being is just pure consciousness.
Our original state.

Realising this, we put away childish things
to become spiritually mature.

Is that too much to ask?!

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