Stop Searching For Togyal

Stop worrying about words.
Realise the meaning.

Togyal is direct seeing (‘leaping over’) when thoughts are cut through as they arise, which is Trekcho.

If we fantasise about Togyal visions – our vision quest – we will merely tie ourselves up in time-wasting knots. Visions are for other cultures: indigenous people have their ways and beliefs, and it can appear quite colourful and seductive. If someone claims to have vision, that is their story. Be satisfied with your own reasoning and intuition.

This is similar to wanting Tummo practice, which also sounds exotic but is merely deeply breathing through the mouth to oxygenate the body and brain. As air passes through a body, it heats up – that’s all. Put your hand to the back of a vacuum cleaner and feel the heat. 😀 What about Loong and Bindu? Neurotransmitters!

The exotic is intoxicating.
The esoteric is plain, simple, pure consciousness,
resting in pure awareness.
Nothing fancy-shmancy.

“My new watch (my Dharma) cost $10,000 and it’s really shiny! It sure is fancy-shmancy.”

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