We Never Noticed The Switch

Do we own our minds and bodies?
Where did our ideas come from?
How long have those ideas been there?

Our mind is full of ideas acquired since birth. Just as the name given to us, we are neither those thoughts or that name. We have become a fallacy, a mistaken belief. An identify is registered at birth to say who we are, and this has nothing to do with our actual reality. We have learnt to believe that we are this name, body and mind, just like everyone else.

Our name represents something recognised by a system as ‘the person’, or as ‘the commodity’.

The system cannot deal with our true reality of pure consciousness, so we become part of the system. We work for someone, who works for someone, who works for someone …

Identity documents are used to prove that we consent to a personal identity, our strawman.
Strawman: getting someone to identify with a fallacy.

When we meditate, we discover that
we are nobody else’s imagination
but our own.

We are enlightened beings;
rulers in an independent state.
That is our right of birth
… and we never noticed the switch.

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