What Does “Beyond Birth And Death” Mean?

Taking that saying literally implies something supernatural – that life goes on elsewhere (which may be possible).

Another way to see this is to realise that pure consciousness is always present, and is neither created nor ceases; it just is. This present moment can neither be improved nor impaired.

One view is to relax in whatever happens,
while the other is to worry that we aren’t doing enough.

Whether there is existence after death or not, the point is to live fully, here and now. Unfortunately, these words zoom over our head: we assume that we are living here and now, but we don’t see how we project into the future and hold on to the past.

Living in the here and now is rare. Few realise that this spontaneous presence of Nirvana, Heaven, Zion, Elysium, Paradise … is here, right now. Wishing for something else is living in the angst of hell … right now. Just observe reactions.

It isn’t necessary to be clever or intelligent or scholastic to realise that our true reality is empty cognisance. We don’t see space simply because we are attracted to the things in it. We don’t see consciousness simply because we are attracted to the conceptual thoughts in it.

Be at ease in whatever happens.

Karma brought us here for a reason;
to bring an end to our karmic misunderstanding of reality.
Simply enjoy sweeping the path
so that others see no obstacles.

We can either live in servitude to the strong,
or live in servitude to the weak who think they are strong.

Perhaps there is a beyond, and perhaps there isn’t …
At least we are no longer in hell,
and that’s a relief.

A sense of relief is happiness.

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