Nothing Is As It Seems

We are …
deceived into consenting
born into illusions
driven by ignorance and our desire
arguing about projections.
All forms are a distraction.

The science of fiction is to make us believe
as in Plato’s Shadow Cave:

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 11.58.57

There are deceptions, deceivers and the deceived.
We are here to realise the deception,
and be free to see beauty

Our self, our world, our illusory self image, our confusion are all our path to enlightenment. We – pure consciousness – only have to see what or who is driving us in order to realise mistaken reality.

Be grateful for just seeing; it’s the final relief of happiness. Enjoy yourself.

Knowing the real light of clarity,
we only see as others see to earn our daily bread.

Enlightenment is closer than we think.

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