Politics is the control of human resources.
“Never give a sucker an even chance.”
– P.T. Barnum

Politics is a game of sides, each side creating problems for the opposition to blame them – or for them to blame the opposition. This bating charade is watched by supporters. Up in the ivory tower, the owner of the stadium doesn’t care who wins as long as people become addicted and obsessed, and pay for the privilege. Payment isn’t just monetary: we also pay with a reduction in intelligence.

Politicians are voted in to put things right when, through their unconscious bias and incompetency, they actually create more problems (which is the purpose of the game). The crowd shouts out what the players should be doing which probably right, but the ivory tower isn’t listening as it has its own agenda. As long as we react, the men in the ivory tower are laughing.

The point to note is that things never improve … it is just a piece of theatre, selling lifestyles that capture consciousness. The rules of the game; the spectators are the product, and we can only take back our sanity by understanding the game.

Don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes.
It’s the same with spirituality, and even meditation.
Always know why you are doing something.

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