Old Brain For New Brain

Old brain is a programmed memory response that governs our life = vertical thinking.
New brain is spontaneous presence, and is how we can consciously conduct our life = lateral thinking.

Old brain gets upset.
New brain wonders why.

Vertical thinking uses a sequence of accepted, logical steps to come to a conclusion.
Lateral thinking is flexible, and takes us back to the beginning to follow fresh possibilities.

We need, of course, to identify both; this stands to reason. If we only use lateral thinking, we will surely end up a little crazy! We need vertical thinking to take others along with us, to be practical and to get the job done.

Most of us are in a old brain projection, and rarely is there a wish to truly communicate. One day, our life will depend on looking again at a situation – “Do I believe whatever I’m told, or do I look at what is actually going on?” Every trial has two sides: each is believable, but the truth lies in the conditions behind the scenes.

Old brain jumps to conclusions and takes a side.
New brain just watches to see whatever lies behind a conclusion.

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