How And Why Are We The Way We Are?

It’s all to do with experience. Unfortunately, when we hear the word ‘experience’, we assume that we experience everything. We don’t, and haven’t, so ours is therefore a limited experience as we are not fully enlightened yet. Of course, in our small reality, we know everything don’t we? 🙂 Taken out of that reality, however, we flounder. We learn a little something in life, but we rarely wonder where’s that’s leading.

In our early years, whatever we experience, we repeat. This forms the pathways in our brain, our memory bank, our programming, our behaviour and our fixations. These pathways are our hard drive, while the software is written by our experiences, and forms memories. The effect is reminiscent of brand awareness, when recall takes place before we know it. For this reason, we are not fully in control of ourselves.

Whenever something happens, we refer to memory, and that is why we exist in a loop of cyclic existence. We live by fears and hopes, and conform to a type = vertical thinking. The ‘us’ is created through the feedback we receive from others, to which we respond, forming our ‘social I’ and self identity.

There is a method to break out of this pattern of behaviour. It’s called meditation. Meditation is letting go, and opening up to fresh possibilities = lateral thinking.

Choosing to stay with our special programming of ‘it’s all about me’ is vertical thinking = monkey see, monkey do. If, however, we choose to stop and see things afresh, that is lateral thinking = monkey sees, monkey wonders 😀

The choice:
conform or be elevated.

Elevate: Latin elevat- ‘raised’, from the verb elevare, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out, away’ + levare  ‘lighten’ (from levis ‘light’).

Don’t feel guilty about conforming.
We all do it until a conflict arises,
and we then either awaken to new meanings
or run back to our ‘safe’ place.

Waking up is truly uncomfortable
as there are no reference points
– but there is a sense of possibilities.

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