It Doesn’t Matter What We Do …

When we personally realise something,
it may not seem as amazing to others
and so remains a mystery to them.

It doesn’t matter what we do, pure being (pure consciousness) is always present as it’s what we are. Like space, there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Even in sleep, consciousness is still present, although unnoticed. When we realise that we are pure consciousness, that understanding in itself is unconditional empathy, compassion, and love. The only problem for pure being is that it can be distracted and thus moves away from non-duality (perfect reality) into a relating duality (a reality of desire and judgement).

It has been said that God is empathy, compassion and love but, like pure consciousness, these are expressions that come after the experience of non-duality. Non-duality does not relate to anything whatsoever. As humans, we only relate to function; our choice is whether to relate all the time or relate only when necessary.

The idea of God is something to which we relate, and relating is a duality rather than the direct oneness of non-duality.

There has to be pure consciousness present first in order to relate to something else. Being at one means there is no other – no graven image. It doesn’t matter what we do, pure consciousness is always present. The more we realise this, the more stable we are. Conversely, the more distracted we are, the more unstable, needy and dependent we become. Just look at our collective karmic history …


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