Conscious Awakening And Non-Dual Awakening

In our life, there may be a growing feeling that all is not well; some work hard at making life feel right, while others find that is pointless.

If everything seems right, we just continue on our way. If, however, everything doesn’t seem right, we ask questions, reasoning why everything appears to be wrong.

Being led to believe things – clever stories and songs – no longer satisfies us. We used to think that was all normal, but now we wonder if there more to life. Is there more to me? All around us is dogma – do’s and don’ts that are for the many but not for the few. Why are we so divided?

We start to awaken to a world of deception, one where we aren’t told the complete truth. Suddenly, this isn’t all right any more, and we recognise that we are being being lulled into a dream state, an illusion of reality. That is the beginning of awakening of consciousness from the collective dream.

Actually, everyone feels uncomfortable but ignores this – “That’s just life!” Is it really? If we question this collective dream, we become outsiders or oddballs as others haven’t registered that life is a charade masking our true reality.

Have we been concealing our fear, as there aren’t many people we can talk to about this? We now search for others who (more or less) feel the same. Did we seek out a path, or did it come our way? Karma can work for us 🙂

This is when we come upon some sort of meditation group. Meditation is not about feeling good about ourselves. It’s about seeing, experiencing, understanding and realising what is, in fact, the truth.

The truth has always been with us.
We are and have always been that which we seek.

The dreamers don’t tell you that
because they want you to stay like them.

As there are many sorts of meditation, there are many levels of experience and realisation, each complete in its own way; as we ascend, both the meaning and the value of the meaning changes. Our world changes, but not the world of others.

This is where empathy and compassion come to the fore. We are not just consciousness having an experience; we are consciousness itself, before the experience – and even before realisation. We awaken to non-duality, and no longer dream or believe.

That is the real conscious awakening.
No one can deny us that
… but they still try …


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