Relaxing In A Troubled Mind

Relaxing a troubled mind in a troubled world.

Sitting quietly watching the breath, consciousness doesn’t follow thoughts or impulses to do things; the feeling to be active will be there but just let that go. You can do it later. This is the discipline of concentration and, in that way, the mind comes to silent, still awareness.

The troubles out there are still awaiting us but, for now, we rest in perfect equanimity. We may even notice that thoughts or the impulse to get up and go are stronger, but this isn’t so. We’re noticing more – we’re more aware, and it may even feel uncomfortable, but this is merely breaking our pattern of behaviour, and ego doesn’t like it. Ego is a word for consciousness clinging to ideas, based around a constructed concept of self. The more we notice, the more we are in control, and the more confident we become, the more inner peace is established.

Gradually, throughout our busy troubled day, we will be reminded of this inner peace – our natural state – and relax. This is the holy place of sanity, heaven, nirvana.

The world around wants us to be busy and involved, intent on blaming and complaining. This is all justifiable, but we cannot make the world better; even Krishna, Jesus and Buddha can’t do that. They can only inspire us to realise our inner world of light and delight. If we all did the same, the world will get better. As it is, we just have to play our little part and not take our troubles so seriously. The only thing we can do is note what is happening and, by doing so, be free.

When we know we are facing the right way, that’s all that is needed to progress towards enlightenment. Our mind is only troubled because the world is troubled, and we are picking trouble up from one another.

Worldly troubles are like a virus:
our job is to spread the virus of inner peace.

Realise inner peace first,
and then our world realises peace.

Inner peace is the light of a candle
passed on to other candles.

It is all light, but each candle
has its own unique display.

Be happy.
Little flames torch 😀 others.

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