When The Story Twists And Turns …
… the reader’s mind twists and turns.

As long as a reader is hooked and addicted, the story will continue.

The truth of any story is the reader, not the story. Who is the reader? Consciousness. What is consciousness? It is the pure state of being, before an observer pokes its nose in. If an observer (self) is present, it has already been captured by the story, and taken sides.

How do we know when an observer has taken over? Consciousness falls into either a state of vacancy (indifference) when what is observed is just a piece of entertainment, or consciousness becomes agitated, reactionary and overpowered.

Pure being does not twist and turn. It just sees, and isn’t led down the garden path. If down the garden path, they deceive you by making you believe something which is not true.

We oppose “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” by not believing everything we read, see or hear, standing back and take an overview to understand the general picture of where a story is leading us. We read between the lines to understand the real or hidden meaning behind the  superficial appearance of something.

When we believe, we become the story.

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