What Realises, And What Is Realised?

We exist to realise what we are, and what we are not.
If we do not realise what we are,
we remain ignorant of our true reality.

It is shocking that we do not know this,
as we have been led to believe otherwise for millennia.

What realises? It is the clear mirror-wisdom of pure consciousness, which is just seeing these words right now, without reacting. There is nothing astonishing about that, is there?

That which is to be realised is the reactions in the mind that we believe consciousness to be. Here lies our confusion, and we spend our time judging others’ confusion –“The pot calling the kettle black”.

When there is just seeing, that is pure consciousness, which isn’t complicated or beyond us, is it? It is the moment of oneness, without an interpreter. Life becomes complex when we start comparing, interpreting, judging and dividing.

When consciousness is stuck in the reflections in the mind, it will never know its true reality. Consciousness cannot see itself; it can only realise what is happening. It may seem that there are two realities of observer and the thing observed, but there is only one – the observation itself. There is no difference between thoughts and seeing thoughts, as appearances and recognition are simultaneous.

The spontaneous moment of now is timeless,
while clinging to thoughts takes up time.

Thinking is spontaneous and alive
– it resolves and is dropped –
while thoughts are prejudgements that dominate our life.

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