When Did We Begin?

No one can answer this question for us, but we can come to some conclusion, and see how that makes sense. It’s okay to disagree.

When we consider the question of how ‘we’ began, we are probably meaning humans, because humans have the ability to reason beyond the physical. All sentient beings have primitive mind, governed by fight, flight or freeze. Even our chickens – and interplanetary constructs – experience this in the form of attraction, repulsion and inertia.

(As a side note, people often trot out the phrase, ‘fight or flight’, but omit to mention ‘freeze’. This is because they are merely repeating what they have heard, and do not understand the need to investigate further. The essence of spiritual teaching is that fight, flight or freeze correspond to desire, aversion and ignorance which, in advanced understanding, are the three wisdoms of emptiness, consciousness and compassionate activity. For more details, enter ‘correlation between negative emotions and wisdoms’ in the search box at the bottom of this page).

The Earth sustains countless beings, some of which are just basic cell structures that feed off hosts. Are they conscious? They seek survival. Again, any conclusion is up to the individual. There is an infinite number of beings trying to survive in an infinite universe, so consciousness is everywhere, in either an advanced or basic form.

Where did I start?
It is said that, due to predisposition, consciousness enters a form, lives out its life and leaves, to enter another form that suits what has been learnt … or not. This has gone on in a timeless manner; everything moves due to causes and conditions.

Each sentient being goes through its routines until, in a moment, it becomes excited about being and a desire for more is born. That desire was – and is – the beginning of our journey to enlightenment. Over lifetimes, we have become increasingly calculating and judgemental, which leads us to an enlightened understanding or a gross understanding; we either evolve into kindness, or devolve into aggression. As we evolve, we find teachings to show us the way to our ultimate nature.

The way in which we view this will have a tremendous impact on our lives.

Matter doesn’t disappear;
it reforms due to causes and conditions.
The same applies to consciousness.

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3 Responses to WHEN DID WE BEGIN?

  1. tony says:

    If consciousness never dies, it can never be created.


  2. tony says:

    The clue.
    Consciousness never changes.


  3. tony says:

    Does this matter?
    It means that every decision we make has consequences.


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