Recycling Information = Nothing New Happens

Life becomes abundantly satisfying and worthwhile as we transcend our self-imposed limitations.

If we rely too much on ‘information’ gained from second-hand facts, we become too intellectual and serious, and our life-drama is dull and predictable.

If we lack direct, genuine experience,
we acquire a false sense of knowing.

Intellect never realises the preciousness of being alive, because intellect is too busy being sophisticated and making assumptions. On our death bed, we won’t wish that we’d acquired more scientific data; we’ll wish that we’d allowed ourselves to be more confident in our understanding of our psychology, and were therefore happier. If we spend our life relying on endless speculation and moderated news, we will end up feeling confused and pointless, and will indulge in yet more moderated news to fill a vacuum of misunderstanding.

Thoughts can only recycle the past,
ensuring that nothing new happens in our life.

Our life-drama is important to us, and only us. No one else is interested because they each have their own life-drama to bore us with 🙂 The story we create determines our acting performance in life.

Life itself is the deepest intelligence.

Intellect is merely conjecture;
it’s an opinion or conclusion
formed on the basis of incomplete information
about this intelligence.

“Know thy self.”
Who knows?

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