Our Spiritual Path Is Our Great Undoing


Spirituality is pure consciousness. It is not a thing; it’s … infinite reception and transmission. Our so-called path is merely our confusion which, when recognised, does not exist, so hanging on to an idea of spirituality is totally counter-productive. After all, we are what we seek. Seeking implies doing ‘something’, which may make us feel good, but we have to keep this up – it’s an artificial construct. We are already ultimate consciousness; it only has to be recognised and realised.

We (consciousness) adopted and built an attitude, and developed a self-image, just like everyone else on this planet. We have to, in order to survive. However, we became so involved in this self-identity – while oblivious to our true, original reality – that we fail to see through all the illusions presented to us.

We see, but ignore this seeing because so many are disinterested and think they are here to pass away time, and so we do too – and we doubt. This becomes a collective mindset, just like watching a film together.

Our path is a matter of undoing an elaborate concoction of self-doubt and self-importance that, once recognised, vanishes. The elaborations disappear. Stop for a moment and imagine the people you do not like: the mind starts recalling all sorts of things, and builds emotions and justifications … grrrh! … but consciousness hasn’t changed. It just sees a show in the mind. Meditation proves this by watching the mind trot off in all directions, with consciousness just following along. Psychologist know this!

Having established that this is the case, we can now repair karma (our way of life) by undoing the confusion and doubt to which we consented. Just because others do something doesn’t mean it’s right 🙂

Thank goodness we realised our path in this lifetime! If we are reading this … we must have done something good.

Karma may sound unfair,
but it isn’t a punishment.

It’s our teacher, our path,
our undoing.

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