Pure Consciousness Is The Elephant In The Room

The ‘elephant in the room’ is a metaphor for something that is obvious but no one mentions because it makes us feel uncomfortable.

We will talk for hours about other matters, but never about our obvious, true reality and that which obscures it. The elephant in the room is pure consciousness; it’s what, in truth, we are.

We cannot see the elephant
because it’s our very essence of empty-purity.
This essence became distracted by our monkey-mind-consciousness,
which jumps all over the place and cannot sit still.

When consciousness (monkey mind) realises through practice
that its very essence is emptiness,
monkey and elephant become a unity of non-duality,
like a mirror and its reflection.
Appearances and recognition are simultaneous.

When we ignore our true being that has nothing to gain,
we are left with a monkey mind that
that wants everything and fears everything,
and ignores its reality.

Understanding this is the gradual path of liberation.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Funny that so many words are needed to point the obvious. The monkey mind is playing around, taking objects and appearances for real. A single moment of seeing observes all and takes it for what it is.

    One single inhalation can absorb and dissolve a whole univers. Leaving a blank canvas, a tabula rasa behind. On the other side, a single exhalation, can literally draw a new world, in one single moment. A bit like a painter creates and recreates universes through hs paintings.

    Miracles abound! Picture this ..

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