Being Weird: Consciously Controlling Our Destiny

Weird: Late Middle English, originally meaning ‘having the power to control destiny’; unearthly.

If we have no control over life, and merely follow collective ideas as our ancestors did, we are born, work, have a family, leave offspring and die. Animals, insects, vegetables and fruit can do that – and they also lack control.

To take control of life, we have to know what life is. Life is consciousness.
To control our destiny, we have to know what consciousness is; its essence and purpose.
Its essence is pure, and its purpose is compassion.

Once we realise our purpose, we are released from suffering because we know our true reality and, if we are skilful, we are now able to help others realise their reality.

This is where happiness lies.

We are unearthly beings of pure consciousness,
realising that we can take control.

Be weird today … and forever.

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