Decoding The Infrastructure In Our Mind

Think you are a free thinker?

Infrastructure: the basic physical and organisational structures and facilities. 

This concept applies to the brain and senses that – subliminally – take in information which affects the mind and diverts consciousness away from the inner truth. The brain can be set up to recognise stimuli that trigger a reaction. It’s a form of hypnosis. People’s actions are not always under their control.

Infrastructure is the programming that dictates what we do, and don’t do. The universal structure is desire, aversion and ignorance: these three principles control our minds when we cannot decode them. These principles prevent us from thinking for ourselves – we may have certain tendencies, but are unaware of their source.

Decoding: converting a coded message into intelligible language.

This is exactly what the Buddha did:
realising that gross laws of desire, aversion and ignorance are absolute wisdoms.

If we don’t know this, then we are caught up in someone else’s infrastructure.

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