Where Does Morality Come From?

Morality, or conscience, is knowing right from wrong.
It is knowing what is beneficial and what is harmful.
Some may say morality comes from God.
Others will say it’s personal choice.

These are both subjective – based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes and opinions, rather than fact.

Once we know our true reality of pure consciousness (which is naturally compassionate because it knows the origin of consciousness within all beings), whatever is harmful is clearly seen.

Morality is innate within us all.
‘Do no harm’ is a common law.
There are no external laws higher than that.

The problems people find themselves in are due to karma – the results of their previous actions that produce their thoughts now. Realisation understands this, and can empathise and be compassionate. People suffer enough without us judging them.

Morality is revealed in our behaviour.
Do no harm – think no harm – say nothing harmful.
And … do not ignore.

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