Why Do I Write Every Day?

Is there too much on my mind?
No; it’s the same as everyone else’s.

The mind merely responds to whatever karma presents and, if karma is our teacher, there is much to see. Every day, we hear and read things that are manifestly untrue which creates anxiety and suffering in others and, unfortunately, people think this is normal.

I could either sit in my tent and meditate and not bother with the world, or address problems as I see fit. Reason and realisation says I can do both.

Every day, I wonder whether I should write / publish or not, but hey, it’s a blog; a chronicle of a town practitioner’s experience.

Someone once asked that I write a book. I tried but, as understanding changes due to inner considerations and experience, by the time something is written, it is transcended.

Our path is the unfolding of our confusion, and it isn’t a static thing. A guru doesn’t tell you something and you think, “Oh, I’ve got that!” We have to test it constantly, and the result is always in our level of empathetic compassion, both for our mind and the minds of others.

It is true that, while resting in non-duality, nothing else exists, but there is time enough to reflect and contemplate the karmic problems in the world, and what it is that is driving everyone’s confusion, myself included 🙂

Joy is in knowingness.
There are no mysteries.

Inner joy brings unshakeable confidence.
Truth has to be tried and tested.
It permeates all sacred texts.

People can be led astray by adopting the form of a religion without understanding the essence.

This blog isn’t about telling others what to do: it’s about what to look for when looking so that, when you go to a spiritual centre, you will know what to recognise, rather than being too quick to adopt a set of beliefs.

Spontaneous presence is never boring and never interesting.
It is the constant joy of realisation.
Now, that is the virus to catch!

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2 Responses to WHY DO I WRITE EVERY DAY?

  1. Tony, before opening your blog today, I was literally thinking “will I write something today and if so what will it be about?” Then an idea spawned.. thanks for your interesting points of view.

  2. Regarding todays post, you mentioned writing a book. Did you know Charles Dickens books started out as mini stories found in pamphlets and magazines and it wasn’t until after his life when those mini stories were combined to create a large book. Perhaps, some day you will have a book..similar how Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings weren’t priceless until after he was gone.

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