Nature Will Always Win

Humans try to outsmart nature, not knowing the nature of nature; nature will survive.
Scientists may exploit nature temporarily, and nature reacts. The nature of nature is reaction – attraction and repulsion. Nature can never kill itself, as it is one huge, universal, infinite continuity.

The obsessed think they can have it all, when nature has it all.

Our true being is beyond physical nature. Knowing this, we free ourselves from our nature – our likes and dislikes, our attractions and repulsions. Whatever we think we can do, our true being of pure consciousness looks on, transcending nature. How can we say that we don’t see this?

We are so busy admiring the display of nature’s reactions – and what we can get out of this – that we dismiss the eye of the beholder. How can we say that we don’t see this?

Our nature is consciousness; if this is untrained, it is just reactive. When it is trained, consciousness realises its ethereal purity, which is the very essence of wisdom and beauty, and beyond physical nature.

How can we say that we don’t see this?
We are no different from the awakened ones.

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