Stop Meditating When …

Stop meditating when you recognise that there is just seeing (pure consciousness) taking place. Merely relax and rest there. All the senses are wide open, as pure perception is present. The outcome of this is that we notice more; we are more aware of potentials, and more sensitive and intuitive in daily life – and any mind control is neutralised.

The point of meditation is not to hold on to mindfulness. Mindfulness is merely a reminder to let go. It’s a little like rowing to a shore and arriving on land – and then continue to row … that is pointless.

It is only when we become involved with thoughts again that we return to a method of meditation. If we stay too long in the method, however, we are focusing on something external.

We tend to make meditation complicated by turning it into some sort of routine ritual, where we are ‘doing our thing’. It is this that leads to spiritual materialism.

When hammering a nail into a piece of wood,
there is no me present – just the unity of consciousness and nail.
When we arrive at non-dual awareness,
there is no me present – just non-dual awareness.

Meditation interrupts mind control.

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