If This Is The Only Life

If this is the only life we have, what are you or I doing with it?
The things that we worry about will still be here after we die.

This life is so precious; we can realise our true potential of a Buddha.
Why waste it on entertainment-news?

We are led to believe that we have a choice, by those who perpetuate their choices.
We do have a choice, but it’s a subtle, inner choice.

If we assume we know more than the Buddha,
what is it that we know?

How did we become so vague and confused?
The answer to everything that which sees this vagueness and confusion.

All we need to do in life is accept that we have karmic propensities,
stop acting them out by repeating everything, and just let them go.

Life will become simpler, richer and fulfilling.
Alternatively, if we want to chase tails, we can continue to chase tales 🙂

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