Making A Big Deal Of Our Spirituality

We have to let go of our spirituality.
It’s nothing special.
If we make it special, we make ourselves special.

Making a big deal of ourselves and our spirituality is a huge mistake. It’s the ultimate trap. Who are we trying to impress?

It doesn’t matter whether we are religious or not, we are all ordinary people – until we can manifest otherwise.

In the scheme of things, we are only here for a short while, so adorning ourself with pomp looks rather silly – just as silly as those who worship pomp.
pompvain and ostentatious display.

We all have Buddha nature, so we are all nothing special.
What is special is making the change from ordinary to Ordinary.

‘Special’ is a designation, and therefore a duality.
There is nothing special in non-duality; it is emptiness.

Specialfrom Latin specialis, from species, ‘appearance’
Designate: from Latin designatus ‘designated’, based on signum ‘a mark’.

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