Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

We are kept awake by the clarity of reality that realises the obvious manipulation which is constantly trying to put us to sleep. This what good and evil have always been about. Whatever is in the mind has been put there; we then act out that script because of our predisposition.

Everything that happens is predictable because the knowers of history see that we never learn from history – but theydo!

If religion and spirituality give you comfort
when they’re supposed to wake you up, drop them.

We are in the soporific age, inducing drowsiness and sleep, with the tediously boring and  monotonous repetitions of react, run away or don’t bother. This is flight, fight and freeze – the functions of primitive brain – and Mara knows it.

Wake up and smell the coffee.
Become aware of the reality of situations
– however unpleasant –
and be truly grateful.

Our reality is that which sees, smells, tastes, touches, hears,
and knows itself as pure consciousness.

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