It’s the Same Old Old Teaching

We worry,
and there is that which sees this worry.
That’s it.
That is the essence of all teachings on our essential nature.

Worry is a reaction to our impermanent environment;
it is experienced by an impermanent mind,
relating to what will happen to our impermanent body.

‘Impermanent’ means not permanent, without reality as it is not constant.
All conditioned existence, without exception, is transient, evanescent and inconstant. All temporal things – things relating to time, whether material or mental – are compounded objects in a continuous change of conditions, subject to decline and dissolution.

We might think, “So what?”
So, this is where the teaching has to become a little more complicated. The mind now has to be convinced of this reality. How many are even interested in consciousness? We prefer stories that we overlay on our life, never seeing directly.

We need to be on the verge of wondering before we can start this discovery. Dissatisfaction with the life presented to us offers us a choice; we can either cover this dissatisfaction with distractions and elaborations, or see it as the beginning of our simple journey.

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