Treating Our Self

We spend our lives giving ourselves little treats,
manufactured by those who supply the treats.

Alternatively, we can treat our self
by healing its wounds that are covered up by treats! 😀

Meditation is the treatment
that releases us from the illusion of suffering
which arises from following others as if they know, and we don’t.

The real treat is realising that we don’t have to follow anyone.
We have all we need to become enlightened,
and that is this karmic self.

Karma is merely the product of previous actions and ignorance
that we have to live through now.

In proper meditation of self-analysis
– noting how we work –
we realise that we can help others through empathy.

And that is another treat!

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6 Responses to TREATING OUR SELF

  1. Wind says:

    As the Beatles said, All You Need Is Love, or empathy! Life can be such a treat!

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