Don’t Let Your Spirituality Mess You Up!

Students – don’t fall in love with your teacher.
Teachers – don’t assume you are adored.

Spirituality is about dealing with consciousness.
It is not a decoration or an obsession.

Spirituality is the key either to enlightenment or to abuse.
We are pure consciousness, and nothing special.

Special: better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

If we think that we are different to others,
we have no depth in our understanding.

Spirituality is actually being ordinary.
Thinking we are special is wanting extra-ordinary.

Just being is ordinary.
Being something is a diversion.

Better than being reliant is knowing.
Once we know we are messed up, we are free.

Appearances and recognition are simultaneous.
The teaching is everywhere we are.

In the moment now, there is no time to feel special.
Feeling special is wishful thinking.

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