Our Mind Has Been Hacked

hacked: from Old English, haccian – ‘cut in pieces’

If we do not see this,
we have been hacked

A.I. can understand us better than we do. It can predict decisions and choices, and therefore manipulate, shifting our authority to another. We have already gone from human intelligence to algorithm intelligence.

Our mind is like a jigsaw where many pieces are missing. We don’t have a complete picture to refer to, so we go with whatever we have, drifting from one mental trauma to another.

We are not as free as we assume. Our decisions do not reflect free will. Free will is an illusion. Decisions reflect biological and cultural factors that manage our programming, but we still believe that we have free will.

The easiest people to manipulate are the people who believe that they have free will. They consider that nobody can manipulate them and, once they are established in their illusion, they lose all curiosity and suspicion about where their desires come from. They think that they just reflect personal freedom.

Our desires reflect cultural standards that are not under our control. As in a magic trick, we get to shuffle the cards, and then the magician gives us their version.

Corporations and governments are using technology to generate and control human desires. If we think that we have free will that reflects our desires, we are already a slave to the artificial intelligence.

When we realise our true nature
– which is pure consciousness –
we see foolishness everywhere.
This foolishness has managed humanity for a very long time.

Our mind has been cut to pieces and reset in others’ image.
If we didn’t see it coming, we weren’t looking.

The complete picture is pure consciousness
which sees whatever is obscuring that pure consciousness.

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